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Better Lives are within Reach

I established Exuberance NOLA to help people reach their goals and dreams by teaching them how to love themselves and remove their own roadblocks.

After being raised in New Orleans, I went to the University of Virginia at 18 and then tried to figure out how to get back for the next 28 years. I attended the Catholic University of America to get my Master of Social Work while living in Washington, DC. After graduating I took a job with the community mental health center which afforded me the opportunity to work with a variety of clients who were all dealing with very serious challenges. I realised that the labels applied to people with such challenges were not helpful or accurate. My clients often had a very different and insightful way of looking at life that had nothing to do with their diagnosis.

In 1999 my then husband and I were offered the opportunity to live in Bangkok, Thailand. We jumped on the offer which began a fourteen year odyssey through Korea, Japan and finally England. Living outside the US gave me the chance to experience different cultures and even more different ways of thinking. Making 7 house moves through 4 countries in fourteen years with one and then two kids was not always easy. I had to learn new languages, make new friends, help my kids make friends, make houses homes, navigate a foreign city and a foreign culture. I learned I was stronger and more flexible than I ever imagined. It forced me to set aside my assumptions about almost everything and ride the wave. It was a great learning experience and something I would never trade, but I did long for home. 

It is said that everything happens for a reason and that opportunities can always be found in any situation. And so it was that after an amicable divorce from my husband of 23 years, I returned to New Orleans. The reason may not have been the greatest, but I seized the opportunity to bring my children here to the city I am so passionate about. This city is a symbol of loss and rebirth and now I have first hand experience with that too.  

In May 2016, I completed a yoga instructor training program with Wild Lotus Yoga. This training gave me even more tools to help my clients find the happiness, peace and joy we all seek. I find that daily meditation of one form or another whether a yoga class, a walk or dedicated quiet time is essential to my well-being.  

I received my MSW from the Catholic University of America after graduating from the University of Virginia and worked with a variety of different clients early in my career. More recently I studied with Shomit Mitter, a revered hypnotherapist in London, and trained with David Furlong in spirit release. In May 2016 I completed a yoga instructor training course with Wild Lotus Yoga.

Through work with me, you will gain the skills necessary to heal yourself with self-awareness and a positive approach to life. You can take on any challenges from a balanced perspective. Each client is unique but work may include Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral work, visualisation and/or guided meditation and breath work. I work with clients struggling with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression and trauma amongst others.

Interested in living exuberantly? Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]